Just purchased a new Kenmore dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior. Within two wash loads rust spots began forming on the door interior and bottom panel (interior) of the machine. Called customer service (we purchased 3 year coverage) and asked for a service person to come out before I had to yank the machine back out. I was shocked at the response.
1."Well, you know, sometime parts are defective. Just take it out and get a new one."
2."Well, you know, if you live close to the ocean this can happen. Oh, you don't live near the ocean, ha ha."3."Perhaps you should buy one with the plastic interior that way you don't have to worry about rust."

Yes, I am not kidding. These were the responses. I've gone back to the Sears store where I purchased the machine and they were shocked at the pictures I showed them. When I commented on the responses from customer service, their reply was, "We really don't have good customer service, wink, wink." I guess this is going to be my one and only dealing with Sears stores.

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