My husband and I purchased a dishwasher and refrigerator from Sears in September of 2015. We initially were very happy with the process. When the appliances were delivered (on time mind you) the dishwasher was dented. The delivery man told us to install it (we had our other dishwasher removed already) and to give Sears a call and they would remedy the situation. The next morning I did just that; called Sears and again, they were very helpful. The woman set up for a new dishwasher to be delivered as well as have it installed, free of charge for the inconvenience. At this point, we were still very happy with Sears and their process.

Then the bomb hit. The day came for the dishwasher to be delivered and installed; dishwasher came, no installation was ever scheduled. So there we were with 2 dishwashers. Back on the phone I went with Sears "customer service" for hours over a period of 2 weeks. I was bounced back and forth between representative and installation, and no one could help me. I even called the store and they claimed they were trying to help me resolve this as well. I only wanted what I was told, nothing more. Then I started getting notifications that pickups were being scheduled to come to my home that I never authorized. Twice I called to cancel these and of course the delivery driver still called me the day of to let me know when he'd be coming; talk about inefficient! The deliveries that I never scheduled in the first place were never canceled even though I called.

I was exhausted with the runaround Sears was giving us so I decided to take a break from the process. A MONTH went by and I heard nothing; nothing from the store, nothing from customer service, nothing from installation, nothing from anyone saying, "Hey we're working on this." I honestly thought Sears forgot about the whole thing. Then a few days ago, the unsolicited delivery schedules and barrage of phone calls started again. Nothing about the situation has been made better or has even been remotely resolved. I am VERY disappointed with this entire process from the store on up through management. We will NEVER buy anything from Sears again and I have been sure to tell anyone I see about the deplorable way we have been treated. This started because the dishwasher was delivered damaged in the first place and now we are paying the price. I only want what I was told, nothing more. I can see why Sears is losing business.

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