Okay as a Sears associate I have a few things to say. The hugest ordeal with returns has to do with our rewards program in my opinion. You have to really rationally think. We have several ways to find your receipt. Original, email, phone number, or credit card. (Of course the other ones only work if you provide that info) The reason we need the receipt is because with the rewards people can get stuff for free, and then they want cash back. Obviously the store loses money. It needs proof of how much you paid. Also 90 days is too much. It should take you a few days to realize if you want to keep something. By 90 days we don't sell the item or its literally 1.99. If you are within 30 days, the merchandise isn't used, you have the tags, and the receipt it's all good. It sounds like a lot but you're just bringing it back how you got it, so you'll get your money back. Obviously if it's used we can't sell it. We're basically throwing the item away if we were to accept that. And people will tell us: oh we just tried it on and the soles are black on a brown shoe. Don't even try to return underwear if they're worn that doesn't make sense. The terrible people ruin it for us. Also we need the receipt because then people could return stolen items if we let that slide. Bottom line is I try to make everyone happy, but when people take advantage it doesn't work. You can save loads of money at Sears just be sure you're buying what you want if you use points because if they're surprise points (think of them like coupons) you don't get them back. Always use the rewards because just Incase you lose your receipt it comes up with your phone number. Sears isn't trying to rob people. It's a business, it's not gonna make money by giving someone back $40 on something they got for free.

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