Please review my case #. Your warranty managers are using their authority power of no replacements on lemon equipment to lose customer to Costco of all places. My Kenmore washer and dryer has been junk. The warranty was finally after 8 different months of being down, approved for replacement. It needs a recall. Of course it took a tantrum. Today delivery day #2. I was told by an ass Brandon in the call center that I purchased it from a home store so I needed to call them because Sears doesn't support home store. I went through warranty then escalated it because of the sexist issues about the pedestal. If hometown only sells eased up Sears junk, remove the sign.

I only shop Sears for 45 years, at an authentic Sears. The PC showed deliver to my home installation and closed ticket but no delivery. The management was out after 3 today. Nobody to call but the call center and God bless Felicia #, your next customer service supervisor, she found the lies and generic paperwork. She works tomorrow at noon. Then I find out the washer is a floor model, yet Sears said they paid full price. It was not delivered as promised in October pending the pedestal. Due to Kenmore washers/dryers being junk via your qualified people, I opted for LG due to lack of tolerance for months worth of begging.

Now I have no delivery, a dryer that takes 2x to dry. Service says pull it out and vacuum since the call center failed to make work order yet some parts were delivered. Now I have a broken washer and almost broken dryer and a communist warranty department incompetent to understand the cost of the labor is more than the set and the cost of the parts are more than the set. Are they bankrupting the company with waste? A loss of long term customer base.

I have 2 years of notes on this, a Valentine's gift delivered 2 weeks after. Broken insides rebuild instead of replacement in May 2013. Its all in the notes. Total disregard for myself or the tech saying, "hey man the insides are torn up." They around so long I can't even get a Kenmore so now I have to have a mixed lopsided set. You should be proud. My husband is sick. $2600 for sloppy. It was to ease stress in chores and illness. But instead I am on the phone all the time.

So I am reaching out today to some because I stripped my bedding for a sterilization and no washer or dryer that stays on long enough to dry, to sleep in clean sheets but I can't so I am trying everything on this sight. Reached out to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I have a warranty until 2018. How hard would it be to bring a sick woman a washer and dryer to clean her clothes. Its not welfare just what I deserve. Please review my file and hear what Felicia has to say. I will light a candle that I get a washer dryer this week from a real Sears store. Not a home store. Cancel that, it appears they lied on delivery.

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