Purchased a Kenmore dishwasher from the Sears in Alpharetta, GA just one year ago. It has never worked properly. Back up, no draining and smells horrible. Called for service twice. Did they do anything to diagnose the problem, no! Subsequently, I called two other plumbers and paid for their time as the Sears "Technicians" were unwilling to do the diagnostics. The other plumbers would not touch it as it was still under warranty. (This dishwasher was backing up to the point that it was causing leaks in my basement).

For the 5th time, I had someone else come out today and look at it and said it should just be junked. I am spending too much time and money trying to fix it. This dishwasher cost over $800.00 and Customer Service was of absolutely no use and utterly rude. I will never step foot into a Sears again, ever. It was my first and last experience with them. Good luck to Sears in keeping their doors open. With this level of service and product, their days should be numbered.

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