Purchased wall oven with installation on Nov 3,2015. My issue is with quality of installation. Finally got a tech after 7 phone calls to 7 different phone numbers who called and schedules a service visit. The tech showed up reinstalled my wall oven, still does not fit opening properly. The tech did install the wall oven per installation instruction provided with appliance. The problem is the oven must be installed on a solid cabinet surface floor. Using the height adjust feature causes the oven sag in the middle causing the broiler oven door not to close properly. The height adjustment feature would allow the oven to fit cutout perfectly but would not correct the sagging because the bottom of the oven is very flimsy metal that can be moved up and down easily with a finger tip.

The oven base sitting on cabinet floor left a 2 inch gap at top of oven that the height adjustment feature should have taken care of but cant be used because of sagging of oven bottom. There is a manufacturing defect in the oven. Filler strips cant be used, height adjustment feature can't be used and installation instruction does even mention that oven must be installed on a solid cabinet floor.instructions are for installation using filler strips and or height adjustment feature! On the second installation of the same oven unit, the installer tells me that for $250.00 he will fit a board on the entire cabinet floor (approximately 20×22 inches) so oven can sit on a flat surface and fit the cabinet cutout and prevent sagging of oven bottom. I had already paid $250.00 for sears to install the oven. (My cut out is 39 inches high and installation instructions say oven can be adjusted to fit a 39 inch cutout using the height adjustment feature).

According to Sears I am suppose to pay the additional installation features because product has flimsy metal bottom that will not support weight of oven when height adjustment feature used and because manufacturer installation instructions made no mention that bottom of oven must be installed directly on a solid floor cabinet. Ordered additional appliances, but cancelled order pending outcome of this issue. The charge for the cancelled order will remain on my account for 2 billing cycles (60 days) per Sears Customer Service! So folks, believe everything you read about Sears and Run, Run, Run as fast and hard as you can!

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