is ABSOLUTELY the WORST online experience/company experience that I have ever encountered. I do all of my shopping with the exception of food online. I don't feel as I need to go into a tremendous amount of detail. The bottom line is that I was sent a defective product that I purchased with a coupon (the only reason I purchased from Sears). When I attempted to exchange I was told that I couldn't. I was told I had to return the product and they would credit my account and then charge it again. Well after 4 calls to customer service and the Sears online chat I was left with 1 pair of defective boots, no return label, no refund and another FULL price charge to my card. I have given Sears every opportunity to fix this and they are incapable. Sears has essentially stolen from me! I hate sears and will never ever shop with them again. Death to sears and everything they represent!

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