Sears Credit Cards has named me a fraud for some unknown reason, defaming my name and reputation as well as embarrassing me in public (I am taking this up with a lawyer). Then they reduced my $3,000 credit limit down to $25 without telling me they were doing it or why. My balance was at about $400 at the time, so then they started charging me $77 per month for being over the limit on my charge account. On top of all of this they are charging me over $140 each month in interest on this same account.

So, when I pay the minimum payment due each month of $102.46, the amount due on the overall account actually increases. At the same time they are telling me that I can pay it off in 2 years if I just pay the minimum amount each month! These people are crazy and fraudulent in their dealings. It took myself and my friend to figure out what they are even doing! Help!!! Oh, and I have all of my receipts to prove that I have been a loyal paying customer for years, and I am sending in copies of these.

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