Sears Home Service is a Big Disappointment! I bought a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 2014. One year after the warranty expired, it broke. I had a tech. Come out to look at it on October 8th, 2015. He came an told me it was the compressor. He ordered parts and then left. The parts arrived a week later. They set up an appointment for Nov. 6th, 2015,8:00am-12:00pm window. I looked online to see their ETA and it showed 11:15-1:15. The time had changed. Then I looked at it again. It said between 12:00pm – 2:00PM. I STAYED home ALL Day waiting for them to come. I called several times to see what was up. They kept giving me the brush off and said that someone would be here. They told me that the Tech. Was 15 minutes away and that they would let their Tech. Know and that he would call me an hour later. NO PHONE CALL!

Then at the end of the day they told me that the Tech. Got tied up at another job, and would not be able to come and they would have to reschedule. Would you believe that NOV. 30,2015 was the earliest appointment they had available. I have a very hard time believing that sears is still in business after seeing all of these complaints!!! I had to turn down a job offer just to wait for these people to come! Are They Going To Compensate ME FOR THE TIME I HAD TO TAKE OFF WORK? I paid $2,100 for that KENMORE ELITE. Are they Going To Reimburse For That? I am Very, Very DISAPPOINTED IN This kind of service!!! This situation needs to be resolved. There are so many complaints I have read and it seems that no one from The SEARS corporation cares about their customers or customer retention. I know that I am no longer a fan of sears.

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