The Kenmore Elite pre-HE dishwasher may have been a top-notch machine, but I'll never know. The Elite HE is THE worst dishwasher I've ever owned in the last 35 years! The sole problem is that it is a HE and I've discovered than anything HE is expensive and worthless. I never had to do anything to my old dishwashers but put the dishes and detergent in, turn it on, and take the dishes out – clean and dry – when it was finished. With this new HE dishwasher, even thought it's set for "heat dry" the dishes are puddled and splattered with water and I end up having to towel them dry. Worse, just like the piece of junk HE washer I have, water NEVER completely drains out of the dishwasher and it started to smell really bad. I washed and towel dried the inside of the dishwasher, but it still stunk.

Then I took out the filter, which has to be cleaned monthly, and found the source of the stench – standing water that never completely drains out of the dishwasher. Again, like the HE washer, whenever you start a cycle, you hear the machine draining water – only it never drains completely. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend the Kenmore Elite or any HE dishwasher or washer because they are horrible and eventually start to stink unless you wipe them out after every use, clean the filter, and sop up the water that never drains out of them. I'd give this dishwasher a -10 stars if I could. Expensive junk!

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