This is an update on a review I wrote stating my experience with Sears. This was on a Hoover Max Extract 77 that I had purchased the 2 years extra warranty for. The extra warranty cost $49. I took the floor cleaner into Sears because the tank leaked. They sent it out for a repair. The funny thing is that on the invoice the labor was $90. I laughed because of the actual 'labor' it took to remove the tank and insert a new one. I had to take it back because it did not dispense detergent.

Now the upholstery attachment leaked too, the brushes did not spin. They sent it to the other side of the country for repairs. About a MONTH later it was returned 'REPAIRED'. It is not good to be without a carpet cleaner as I have 13 grandchildren. Now it did not dispense any detergent and the upholstery attachment would not dispense anything. I took it back again, this time it did not take more than 2 weeks and it was back. NOTHING had been done. I took it back in. This time, they gave me a new machine. With the new machine I could purchase the 2 years extended warranty for $34. They no longer send units out for repairs, but instead you have a one-time replacement. Totally different. After 4 trips in for repairs, the unit was replaced.

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