Today was the 4th time I was supposed to have my oven delivered. 1st time was told between 7-9.9 came with no oven and no call. I left. Received a call at 10:00 that they were there. Said they were outside of their window but I could have someone there in about 15 mins. They said no. They would redeliver at another time. 2nd time – called during delivery window and said they could not find my oven. They called back and said they found it but too late. The trucks had already left. 3rd time – During window received call that they had product but it was broken. 4th time – During delivery time was told that they did not have the oven to deliver. They tell me Monday the 5th time will be better. I will let you know. Just a bad joke. There is one nice lady who is trying to help so they have that going for them.

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