We purchased a Kenmore Elite refer in March 2014… For $3,000.00, mind you, and we rec'd it in April.in December, 2 weeks before Christmas it stopped working. No cooling in refrigerator or freezer. I was told by "customer service" that they couldn't send anyone out until December 24… Two weeks away and Xmas eve day. That was only the beginning.

The third party repairman came out that day and said he had to order a part and couldn't return for another two weeks. He returned and fixed it but within two days it stopped working, again. When I called, I was told it would be yet another 2 weeks before anyone could return. I got a local repair firm involved and long story short, we lived out of an ice chest for 3 months before ANYONE got it right and it turned out to be the evaporator. I served my guests at Christmas out of that ice chest.

To add insult to injury, I couldn't even get reimbursed for the lost food because I was told I did not buy an extended warranty… Even though the breakage took place during the first year which was under manufacturer's warranty. Now, 1 1/2 years later, we've been living out of that same ice chest for 3 weeks trying to get the damn computer replaced. This time we bought a small refrigerator to help ease the frustration. Bottom line… Customer service does not exist with this company. Buyer beware!!

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