We purchased a new Kenmore Model 106.51139210 refrigerator on 5-3-14 from SEARS in Roseville, California. We don't have a lot of money so we saved for a year. We spoke with the salesperson about what would be the best for our $1200.00. He explained that Sears only offers top quality and recommended this one because of it's problem free record. We purchased to unit and scheduled the delivery. When Sears showed up to deliver the new refrigerator it was severely damaged. The box was crushed and the top of the refrigerator was crushed. I asked the driver why they didn't check it out before they delivered it due to the damage to the box. He said they are not allowed to. WOW! They scheduled another delivery for 3 or 4 days later, now we have no refrigerator, but they didn't care. The second deliver went without any problems.

About 6 months later the refrigerator started to freeze. So we called Sears, because it was under warranty, and had the come out and fix it. At that time we asked the technician if this was a outmoded, he said not was a good one. So we felt happy. But just for a short time. 6 month later, after the warranty was up the same problem occurred. I had watched the repairman fix it before with a new damper so thought I could do it. So I did. Sears was going to charge me $200 to fix it, but I got the part and did it myself for $80.

6 months later the same problem. WOW! Went and bought the parts, including the new sensor this time for $180. This time no good. The refrigerator has a main commutator problem. Have spoke with sears on many different occasions and the stores tell me too bad. They are not even nice about it. We had to save for a year and took the advice of Sears. They are supposed to be a good company, our mistake. After reading a lot of reviews I can see why they are in trouble. If you have any sense, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy anything from Sears. They do not care about you once they have your money. We have been shopping at Sears for over 30 years, but never again. It's sad to see a great store transfer into the worst store. R. I. P.

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