We purchased a new water heater and water softener six months ago along with the highest warranty we could get for each. We quit receiving hot water approximately 10 days ago. A technician came out on Thursday and said that parts would need to be ordered and he would have them in on Monday but couldn't to the repairs until Friday. Today is Friday and I did not online chat and the repairman was supposed to be at our house by noon. Never showed.

After doing my OWN investigating I found out the part was shipped to us UPS and when the part was shipped our address was put in the incorrect spot and that's why we hadn't received it. I had to track down the package with UPS and my husband had to go pick it up. After going through customer service and a supervisor I was told that their system had not been updated to schedule for the repair and therefore someone could come to our house on MONDAY. So we have now been without hot water TWO WEEKS. The supervisor was very rude and I will never do business with SEARS again.

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