When we placed an order for a new dishwasher from Sears, I went back and forth nailing down that the old one would be taken away and the new one installed. This was an extremely important service for us as we wouldn't know how to install a dishwasher. When the dishwasher arrived though, it was dropped off and the fellow said, "No, we don't touch the old one, you need to call an installer." We were floored! All this after receiving call after call instructing us to have the old appliance disconnected so it could be taken, which we did.

Then, I went into Customer Service Hell – round and round but no help and the endless "we're so sorry". When I contacted Sears Installation, the fellow kept trying to put me back to CS. I then spent an hour (collectively) waiting on hold to try and schedule an installer… As I write this, I'm still trying to get through. I keep being apologized to and then fobbed off. Unbelievable. Never again. Awful experience and, as I write this, we have a dishwasher sitting in our hallway and our old one disconnected.

It's impossible not to think that we were willfully deceived about having to pay an extra $155 for installation… What's also shocking is how hard it is to get a helpful person. The fellow who could have scheduled the paid installation told me to try CS again to maybe get the fee waived but I realize now he was just fobbing me off – I just went back into the useless circle of hell again and now I can't get through to the Installation Department… Never again.

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