Where do I start? Purchased water heater June 2012 with 6 year warranty. Came home nov 14 2015 flood in basement. Called customer service was told my warrenty expired after one year. I then called the Sears store I purchased it in and was told I still had almost three years of warrenty left. Associate gave me phone number for the water heater department so I called it. (mind you I'm dealing with flooded basement). The water heater warrenty says they have to send a tech and it will cost me 99 dollars. Also I can't remove the old heater or the warrenty is voided. There is nothing in the warranty about this all I'm told is its policy. I made the appointment thinking it was for 17 of nov but it wasn't it was for the 23. This is unacceptable. I then decided to just get it replaced and replaced it with another Sears water heater. So sat morning I went online (big mistake) looked up water heaters found one at a local Sears store. I purchased it online so it would be ready for pickup so my husband didn't have to waste time. He gets there and I have confirmation number but waiting for email to confirm purchase. This is 9 am. No conformation email. So I send him picture of confirmation number and picture of pending purchase on my bank statement. The store could do nothing. He couldn't get the one I purchased and they didn't have another one. So he had to buy a different one that was in stock So to sum everything up I had to purchase a new water heater even though my old one was still under warranty. Plus Sears has my money for one I cancelled on line because I didnt receive an email confirming my purchase. I then had to dish out an additional 600.00 for another one. So now I have to wait for a refund for my online water heater purchase. What the. Heck I have tones of money no problem. Just one more point I did receive the email confirming my purchase at 3 pm on the 15 oof nov. Such incompetence..

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