Worst customer service ever. My mother and I came in for a new dryer. Chose the cheapest one they had, and decided to buy the washer too since they were both on sale and our washer is about to break as well. We got this guy named CORY, and he was helpful in the way that he didnt try to convince us to 'upgrade, ' but that's all. He rang us up we paid 900$ and we went to the store pickup. When we got there DEVIN said he could only give us the washer since it was the only rung up for store pickup. SO we had to go back through sears all the way to the appliances and have them cancel the payment and charge us again, all the while no one apologized for our inconvenience or anything like that – they could have cared less. So we went back to the store pickup and DEVIN brought out the washer, dryer, and dryer power cord. We then asked, "Where is the tubing for the dryer?" And DEVIN said that we weren't even charged for one. REALLY? So we went back to the appliance time for the THIRD TIME and asked for the tubing, this time going to a MANAGER (with his supervisor standing next to him), and AGAIN no one apologized or even seemed concerned and CORY could care less about what was happening. So the managers SUPERVISOR sent a woman over to us to charge us for the tubing, and again there was no apologies, no concern. Literally, it was the worst experience at any store that i have ever had. Working in customer service, i understand the struggle. However, there was at least 8 Sears Team Members just walking around including the MANAGER and his supervisor and they didn't even offer to help, or made any effort to fix the problem. Never shopping at sears again. This sears is located at the Park Place Mall in Tucson, AZ.

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