Zero stars for sears… I (was) a loyal client in CLE OHIO then I shopped at Sears for appliances. When I called for service on my GE (SS) French-door Fridge the date was set for 11/05/15 1-5PM. I took off work, waited all-day. Tech arrived (very late) 5:45 PM with an attitude. He [Tech ID #] proceeded to "BLAME SEARS for his being in overtime status" and he stated "SEARS should have put our service appointment into an earlier time slot!" Tech then added that "there's no way was he going to do a 2 hour service appointment at this hour!" He then call someone on his cellphone while clicking away on his laptop and the next thing I knew he was trying to tag our new 5yr-old refrigerator to be scrapped without explaining what was wrong with it!

When I asked why tech says "When I tag your fridge SEARS will replace it for free!?!" I asked again what needs to be repaired? Tech said "You don't want to know it will cost you"? I repeated twice "what exactly is wrong with the GE FRIDGE? & SEARS is going to replace it with what? For free?" He said "That's above my head. You need to call Sears and ask them b/c my laptop is dying. I need to go to my van and charge it!"

I called Sears Repair, asked for a SUPERVISOR (Jen) came to the phone 6:30PM-ish. Tech still in van (apparently Jen says tech is typing (a lie) to SEARS Repair that I, "the Customer" have DECLINED ESTIMATE!?!"Unbelievable" b/c tech still has not given me an estimate as of yet, nor has he told me what has happened to cause the GE issues for the loss of cold air!

The SEARS REPAIR-SUPER (Jen) asked to speak with Tech ID # CLE OHIO. When tech returned to the door I let him know (Jen) SEARS Repair-Super would like to speak with him, the tech turned to his equipment picked it up and said "I'm outta here!" Tech then, (while I'm on the phone telling the tech she (Jen) would like to speak with him) tech walks down my driveway gets into his service van and drives away! If this is SEARS business practice you're done! Grade f-.

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