The experience with SecureYourHome was horrible. This is my first experience with an ADT. I had sixteen calls for them when I moved and everybody was promising me a different deal so it’s pretty bad. The whole system is not very professional. When I was having the system installed, the guy on the phone, Bill, was very professional and good at the time and ended up providing me with pretty much what I wanted. Except that the person he sent out and the person that he talked to throughout the installation was a complete loser. It was just a struggle the entire time. He’s not totally honest. I knew what my deal was and he tried to tell me from the very beginning that that wasn’t my deal. I have a keypad in my kitchen and I asked him to also put up a keypad by my door. We had to call Bill four times because he wouldn't agree. He ended up putting a keypad up at my door then left without ever connecting it. He's a real jerk.

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