As I read through the reviews I think I'm better off than many customers. I placed an order about five weeks ago. No one contacted me about my order other than the "form letter" that I assume is sent to everyone that complains. Done of my questions were answered but, a charge on my credit card was prompt! So tonight my first delivery date was canceled, yes more excuses about a new computer system, items being shipped wrong etc… Etc.

So I read the responses from Sleep Number, really Sleep Number, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining outside. Your POOR customer service makes me want to cancel my order. Not because of just my experience but because of all the other customers you refuse to service properly. I will NEVER order a bed from you again. I will NEVER recommend you to any of my friends. I will NEVER place my trust in your company, you have failed AGAIN. By the looks of the comments I would say you are getting used to failure on a regular basis.

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