First, I have two homes and a Select Comfort bed in each. I like the beds! But, customer service these days… That's a different story. Over TWO months ago I call customer service because my bed lost air over night. We went through the trouble shooting and determined I needed a replacement pump. I thought the prorated cost was a bit much but, I gave my credit card and was told to expect it to ship within the next 5 days. Three weeks go by and no replacement pump. Call back to customer service and find the order was canceled but agent could not give a reason. Placed a new order and was told they would ship at no cost to me as apology to me for the inconvenience.

Now it gets pathetic. A month and a half later, no pump. The customer service agent has no clue as to why and was the most ambivalent agent I have ever spoken with – including implying I was mistaken about ordering a pump. Remember, two houses – two beds. The accounts aren't connected. I speak to a supervisor and was told that Select Comfort wanted to assure my satisfaction and would not only ship the replacement pump but also new air chambers and would ship next day air!

A week later, no pump! A call to customer service and find the order wasn't entered correctly by the supervisor. This agent fixed it and assured me that it would be processed this time. And, would be processed immediately. I would get a confirmation email within 15 minutes of the call as assurance. After 30 hours, no email. A call back to customer service and the agent can see an order entered but from his screen can't determine the status. But, he can determine that my order is not ready to ship.

This isn't funny anymore. I have never experienced such an inept customer service system from a brand like Select Comfort. Oh, the other Select Comfort bed had the pump and air chambers replaced a couple years ago. It's the older bed and had been moved a couple times so we accepted the prorated warranty replacement cost and took it as our fault they failed earlier than expected. This one has never been moved since initial delivery and setup. My advice, buy a Tempur-Pedic if you want a comfortable bed that doesn't need the guts of its system replaced much sooner than expected. So, at this point, I don't care if Select Comfort ever sends the promised replacement pump. We're buying a Tempur-Pedic tomorrow.

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