I ordered a bed in April and was satisfied with the service then. Ever since then it has been the WORST customer service I've ever encountered. Recently I ordered a set of sheets and after 2 weeks I called to check the order and was told they were back ordered. After another week I called again just to check to see if they had come in and was told "Yes we have them but we're slow in processing the orders. It'll be a while." After this I ask to speak with a supervisor and they tell me they can fill out a form and they'll call me back later (in a few days). I doubt that will ever happen.

A few minutes later I call back and tell them I just want to cancel the order and I am told I can't do that because the order is processed (it is not because the other person told me that). She finally agrees to cancel the order and then tells me that I will have to wait up to 3 weeks for my refund. WHAT??? I am so unhappy now that I wish I could just return the whole bed and go somewhere that may actually care about the customer! I wonder if anyone at Sleep Number knows how do their job or if all they are told if push it off on someone else.

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