I ordered a replacement foam for my bed. I was shipped the wrong item. And charged for the wrong item. Called your CSR dept. Got no satisfaction. Seems I was caught in the "new system" excuse cycle. Your "new system" wouldn't even allow the rep to transfer me to a manager! WOW what a great excuse. Called three times. Same story -… Can't, don't have the records, can't give you that info. But I did get assurances that I was important to SCSS and the problem would be rectified.

Three months later I am still waiting for the correct part. Did get to speak to a "manager" by the name of Max who gave me the same song and dance, even promised to email me a prepaid return address sticker. Didn't even get the email. I did stop in the local retail Sleep Number store to see if I could buy the part I needed from them. You guessed it, they are not allowed to sell replacement parts. If you ever have a problem you are stuck in the CSR never-never land. I called Max twice and got his voice mail. I even called headquarters and left a message for CEO Shelly Ibach (if that can be believed). I will call each of these two named employees each day that I do not get the help I deserve – after all, you are not exactly giving away your beds.

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