I ordered a Sleep Number bed on 10/2/2015. I was told it would take up to 3 weeks to deliver due to a computer upgrade and a recent sale period. I was given a delivery date 10/24/2015. The day before (10/23/2015) a message was left on my cell phone that the order would not be delivered, that the bed had not been made. Another delivery date was scheduled for 11/7/2015. On 11/5/2015 received a call that the bed still had not been made and the delivery was cancelled – however they could deliver on 11/21/2015. I am now more than 7 weeks out on delivery of a $9721.96 purchase. I could not get a guarantee that it would be delivered then. I cannot get anyone on the phone at my local store and earlier when I did speak with someone locally they said they cannot do anything, they have no authority.

I called Sleep Number directly and was told, "Yeah, it's a mess". That's comforting. And they allowed me to leave a message for a case manager. I do NOT recommend purchasing a Sleep Number bed unless you have all of the time in the world, do not care to pay movers to move furniture, change your weekend plans to wait for it DESPITE the paperwork stating "Estimated Sleep Number Bed delivery will be within 2 weeks". Am I willing to hire more people for 11/21? Do I change my plans for a third time? Sorry Sleep Number – your puny $200.00 refund does not cover my losses. This has not been a pleasurable or even acceptable experience.

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