I ordered my mattress over 5 weeks ago, and was originally told a 3 week delivery wait. I was contacted 2 days before my original delivery date and said my bed had not been made yet and they pushed my delivery back 10 days. Today is supposed to be my new delivery date, and I was told I would receive a call 48 hours ahead of time to get my 4 hour delivery window schedule. I did not receive a call 48, or even 24 hours ahead of time. I received my call at 6 pm the night before delivery for a 4 hour delivery window. This morning, I got a call that the delivery men went to the loading dock and found that not all the parts to my bed had been delivered.

This is completely unacceptable and is no longer a "computer software update" issue. This is a poor operations management issue. I have called and spoken to 2 supervisors and my local store and no one can find the parts, or even tell me when I could expect to get delivery again. They even go as far to say it could take 48 hours to get me an answer. If I had know this would be the customer service I would get then I would have never bought the bed in the first place. I would not recommend this bed based off of the poor customer service and lack of haste as a result of poor operations management.

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