I paid a Sleep Number salesman $5000 for a bed and base on October 13. Today, November 19, I cancelled my order. I was promised that someone would contact me within 3-4 days after purchase to schedule delivery. I was finally called in November and told that I would have the bed on November 19, between 2:30 and 6:30. I took off work and waited for the bed. At 5:00 today I was called and told that the bed was unavailable and it was "unknown" when Sleep Number would deliver it. Somehow this fact had been overlooked. I was offered $200 for the inconvenience. I don't want $200, I want a Sleep Number bed.

I'm not saying that Sleep Number has made false promises, failed to deliver after purchase, and has demonstrated gross incompetency as a company – oh, wait. Yes I am! This is my first and last experience with Sleep Number. I called customer service, waited over 60 minutes on hold, and cancelled my order. I will never do business with Sleep Number again.

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