I purchased a bed on 10/14/2015 and paid for it with a credit card. Delivery was supposed to be 11/7/2015. Before delivery, I received a phone call that because of "computer problems" my bed hadn't even been made and delivery rescheduled for 11/20/2015. I was told I would get a courtesy discount for the trouble. I requested my credit card be credited the discount, which has not been done. The person on the phone was going to "discuss it with her case manager". I haven't heard from anyone.

I phoned the delivery number at 4:30 P.M. Since I had not heard from them about when to expect delivery tomorrow. I was told I would get a call this evening when the people on the truck reported in. It is now 10:00 pm and I have not had a call from the delivery people about tomorrow. Frankly, I have no faith in this company or this buying experience, and I foresee a lengthy, stressful effort to get my money back for a product that isn't going to materialize. Very bad business.

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