I recently ordered the king size m7 bed and after waiting nearly a month, and several thousand dollars later (charged up front, not at delivery), not only was the brand not living up to its name, but my order was missing pieces, both the coverlet for the base of the bed (makes the bed not slide around) but THE REMOTE was also missing. I paid thousands of dollars and waited weeks to have a bed that I can't even adjust! This is why I purchased it in the first place.

But wait, there's more — the customer service was a step below not-helpful and not a single drop of empathy was present from my customer service rep., who also claimed to be a supervisor.in a very monotone voice, she 'apologized' for their mistakes but offered nothing for our inconvenience. This person did a real dis-service to the company by not even trying to care about my situation offering nothing but hollow words to try to remedy the situation.

Good thing there is a trial period for the bed — after spending a great deal on a mattress, then having to wait even longer because of missing pieces, being treated like I didn't matter by customer service, it is not looking good for myself to stay a customer. I will also share this experience with anyone I know who may even consider thinking about getting a Sleep Number mattress. It would be less painful to sleep on a bad mattress than to deal with an uncaring and seemingly incompetent company. Do yourself a favor and do not buy anything from this company.

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