My husband and I decided to buy a Sleep Number bed about 6 months ago. You get 100 days to decide if you want to keep it or return it, but by the time you think you may have found your number the 100 days is gone and you're stuck with this air mattress. Shortly after the 100 days the bed broke and we were left waiting a week for the part to blow up the bed. Then it's back to finding a comfortable setting, which still hasn't happened. I noticed that I've become more tired than usual, and then realized I was getting more restless, waking up with back pain, and headaches.

I finally realized this all started after sleeping on this bed. I can't even tell my sleep patterns with the sleep iq because it picks up my husband when he goes to bed or rolls to my side. That was a waste too! Now I still owe money on this product and we're left sleeping on the couch. I wish the company would take the bed back and call it even! I don't even want the money back that I've already paid. I just want to stop paying on a product that isn't being used, because of the product not being anywhere close to comfortable or good for your back.

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