My wife and I bought a Sleep Number bed over a month ago. We went all-in, the i8 model with FlexFit, almost $7,000 and we were excited. Suffice to say the excitement has long past. After several weeks, they finally called to schedule delivery on 11/2, as there were delays with their new software coming online. Then the Friday before delivery, they called to say they would need to re-schedule for 11/11. They offered $200 back and free delivery. So we waited another week and a half. Yesterday (11/10) they called saying they would need to re-schedule AGAIN for delivery, this time 11/20. He said their new software is online but our bed still hadn't been constructed yet?! It's going to be almost 2 months from when we paid for our bed. Meanwhile, I'm accruing interest and this all just seems insane for such an expensive purchase. How the heck could they reasonably expect me to recommend their product to anybody?

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