Purchased my bed on 10-12-2015, and was told at that point it would be 3-4 weeks because they switched computer systems. I was fine with that, and expected delivery to be scheduled for last week (which was week 4). I called on Monday, 11-9 to find out about scheduling my order. Was told by the rep, who was rude enough I asked for her manager, although I don't think I actually got to speak to one, that there is no current time frame as to when my bed will be ready, and all I could do is call back every other day to check. The person whom I spoke to that was suppose to be the manager said she'd try to get a hold of the factory to try to expedite.

Yesterday, I attempted to get through to customer service, was on hold for over a half hour when my call was dropped. Tried to call again, and it said "All circuits busy. Please try your call again later." Here it is, 9 am, 11-18-2015, I still can't get through, and still no idea when I will be getting my bed. I am to the point that I'm probably going to head back to the store and get a refund. This is ridiculous. After 2 weeks of system issues, the company should have reverted back to their old system. It at least worked. Really upset about this entire situation.

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