The first 2 years of ownership were fine, slept reasonably well, the product performed mostly as advertised. However, one air chamber has started to lose pressure, to the point that it will go from 60 to less than 10 overnight. Needless to say that creates a rather poor sleep experience. Products fail and I understand that. Gave Sleep Number a call and placed an order to RMA the air chamber. 3 weeks passed without a package. I called again, was told the order was not placed properly. Very disappointed at this point, but things happen so I was polite and worked with the new rep. Was told the order would be expedited. Here we are 10 days later. No tracking number, no package. I called again, this time I was told the replacement was still in the warehouse and would be shipped soon, to expect it in 5-10 business days.

I explained politely the experience up to this point, asked if the order could be expedited (as it should have been). The rep explained that any further action would only delay the process further. Speechless. At this point I'm more than frustrated, I'm completely dissatisfied with the service we have received. We were sold an experience, not just a bed. At $2500 I don't think I am expecting too much here. Also I had to pay for the replacement part plus shipping. Switching systems may have explained the first service experience issue, however I do not feel that can continue to be an excuse. At this time both product and experience are a failure.

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