Was told I would be able to schedule my M7 bed to be delivered within a week. I called after 1 week and I was told they couldn't schedule it because of computer difficulties. I then had a two-week wait for it to be scheduled and the earliest was another week. So the bed was purchased on 10/18 & delivery was now set for 11/9 even though on my paperwork it states "2 weeks to receive your bed." Waited 4 hours as my delivery window was between 10 am to 2 pm. No one showed so I called the delivery service dept and they could not reach the "technician." So who knows when I will actually get the bed I paid $4757.00 for. They did say they left a message for the driver to call but I still haven't heard from anyone and at this point with how this company has handled my order I don't expect to anyone to call. Worst big purchase experience I have ever had.

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