We had a nearly $12K X12 Flex Top/Cal King delivered and installed late December. We were so excited about the bed, and now find ourselves utterly disappointed with its performance and the company's terrible customer service. I have a pit in my stomach as I write this. My spouse and I are highly educated business leaders and we feel we were duped.

For the past several months, my husband's side of the bed is deflated every night when he gets in. It took us a while to see the pattern (he was falling into a hole in the middle of the bed). When you call Sleep Number, you have to be home with the bed in order to do their troubleshooting steps. We both work full time and travel for business so calling from home during the day is tough. I called about a month ago (on hold for a long time), went through some troubleshooting with the phone agent. We agreed that if the steps we took didn't resolved the problem, I was to call back and they would send someone out.

Finally back from some traveling, I called back today and after 40 minutes on the phone, I was asked do some additional troubleshooting (steps not mentioned during my previous call) which involved crawling under the bed, looking at hoses and unzipping a bed casing that I couldn't feel, much less see. (BTW – we got the bed because I have a terrible back surgery and several rounds back injections). When I protested about the troubleshooting gymnastics, I was told that we'd have to pay for the service call to troubleshoot the problem – it wasn't covered. WOW!!!

The agent finally took pity on me, put me on hold and got permission to send a technician to troubleshoot, stating that it will be about four weeks before someone can come out, and that is only troubleshooting – not repairing. Another call will be required to make any repairs. Excessively long hold times are bad enough, but four weeks to look at a problem is unbelievable for a product costing nearly $12K! I would really like to return the bed and start over with a company that cares about customers. For now, I remain nauseous.

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