We purchased a Sleep Number Split King bed and adjustable base about 5 months ago. Days after the installers left, we noticed a couple rubber grommets under the bed but assumed the installer dropped them. Then we noticed the gap between the split started growing to the point where it's now about 5" wide. The rubber grommets keep appearing under the bed so they are falling out of some place. Last week the pump mechanism failed and let the air out of both sides of the bed, making the bed useless. This happened late at night, but we did manage to use the online chat feature to diagnose the problem. We were told that due to a computer switch over, it would take a few days to get our new pump to us.

To Sleep Numbers’ credit, the pump was delivered by next day air but we were still without a bed for a few days. Once the new pump arrived, we found that the instructions for setting up the new pump didn't help as they were for the SleepIQ system and not for replacing a pump. Again we chatted and eventually received the correct instructions for installing the pump. We were finally able to get one of our two controllers to work with the pump and bed base so that the bed inflated and we could adjust both sides. The second controller refuses to communicate with the pump and we're unable to set up the SleepIQ system as the instructions are for setting up a new system and not a replacement. A new computer system is a poor excuse for not being able to send out a replacement part the next day.

And once we received the part, accurate consumer level step-by-step replacement instructions should have been included for the pump, both controllers, and the sleepIQ system. I now have a widening gap, a growing collection of rubber grommets, one controller that doesn't work, and a SleepIQ system that no longer works. At this point in time I regret my decision to purchase this bed.

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