Went to Sleep Number store and placed order for 3 beds – 1 king & 2 kids twins beds. October 11th. Order numbers:. Delivery sent a snail mail letter 20 days later confirming delivery on Monday. We were moving and so threw away old mattresses expecting the new ones to show up. After the mattresses not showing up, the reps were very rude and said it was not in their policy to notify us. They promised a delivery 10 days later. Same thing second time. And then next time same thing. – no delivery and no notification. Got couple of phone calls from corporate, Nadine first & Samantha (not 100% sure of the name) next, both promised emails after promising and giving cash discounts.

Till date, have not received any emails. (a) no email notification. (b) very rude customer service. (c) had to wait at least 6 hours in total on the phone to talk to a rep. (d) the whole family, including guests from India, are having to sleep on the floor because of their bad promise. (e) when asked to cancel the whole order, they said it is out of their hands as it is scheduled for delivery. (f) for now, they are not sure of delivery for the next 4 weeks.

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