We've had a Sleep Number bed for about 13 years and had been happy with it. Recently, my husband suffered a shoulder injury requiring him to sleep upright, so we decided to upgrade our bed with a newer split king model. We paid $6,000 for a new bed three weeks ago. We were told it would be delivered in about two weeks – delays the result of a system upgrade – but here we are with no bed. However, Select Comfort has already charged our credit card in full. I've called twice this week to find out about delivery and have been told that it will likely be yet another two weeks before the bed is delivered to us. So that will be a full month that our credit card has been charged $6,000, but we don't have the product we've paid for.

I've also found customer service to be extremely poor throughout this experience. We were told at the store that delivery could likely be expedited because of the medical situation we are in, but today's delivery rep told me that "All order is being expedited now because of the delays" which doesn't even make sense. How are orders being expedited and still taking a month to complete? I've written to customer service asking for compensation for these delays. If I receive a positive response, receive compensation and receive a quality bed (that we have already paid for!), I will update this review accordingly. As of now, however, we are extremely dissatisfied with Select Comfort.

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