I used the online claim service as requested. First I kept getting spammed to buy the warranty even after I signed in. Then a day later a man from India calls and I can't understand anything he is saying but I explained it is two issues. Then I get told I need to send in a picture of the garbage disposal to claims. Then another 24 hours passed and I am told that I need to find a plumber, and have them call with what's wrong and the cost. Then claims will determine if it is covered which by the contract I signed and paid for it is covered period with a 45 dollar co pay. Anyways, they said if it is covered to go ahead and pay then send in the bill and they will decide what to pay for? I am on disability and even if I was not, the repairs for the basement alone can run over a 1000 dollars and for anyone to come out is a service call fee.

This company is a joke and I have asked for my money back since I have never used them. I had HMS before and went with this because it was lower priced and I thought I was getting a deal. People only go with HMS or Service one because the rest are scam artists and any good reviews you read in here about this company are probably them just making up a post. If I do not get my money back I will be contacting the BBB and I will go to my bank and have them reverse the charges as they have not provided the contracted services. Sadly, I bet I will have to take them to small claims to see my money back which I need to get a real warranty company.

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