Our washing machine was not spinning clothes dry. So we called Select Home Warranty since they were wanting us to renew our policy. First I got told "we will find a repair facility for you" and they did. He examined the washer and found the problem. We were told we should hear something by Monday. We didn't. Then Tues we called them. They needed a picture of the machine and a picture of the model numbers as well as the serial number. Then a email told us we would knew if the part was covered within 24 to 48 business hours. That was on November 03. When November 09 came I called again to be told it had been approved and the approval had been sent to the Shop, who never called us to tell us it had been approved. Now the shop is saying we are at the mercy of Samsung to get the part and no date for the washer to be in service was given. My wife has Pneumonia and this is a big burr under my saddle.

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