I paid SellMyTimeShareNow, $1600 to sell my TimeShare which was a big mistake because after I did it I was told that an accredited company would never ask for money up front. Basically what I did was pay them to put my add on their website and then do nothing. I have contacted them and stressed my concern as professionally as possible, considering how upset I have been with their lack of services. Here I am five months later waiting and praying that it will sell. I read their reviews and they seemed to get some good ones. I thought I had done my research, but apparently not enough. I wouldn't use them if you are trying to sell. Especially because of the fact that they take money up front. If they really stood by their promise they would sell it first and then have you pay. Hopefully some good will come out of this soon and then I would certainly be happy to give them a better review.

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