I have always given my pug Advantix or the generic Advantix on petmeds.com, but yesterday I gave him the less expensive Sentry flea meds for dogs of his weight. A few hours after putting the flea med on his neck, he began to scratch himself and the floor and pillows and walls uncontrollably. I literally started to watch him lose his mind before my eyes. He was convulsing and having mini-seizures while I had him lying on his back trying to relax him. His breathing was so fast I thought his heart would explode. He was panting like nothing I could never explain. So fast. So loud. I believed he was dying last night. We didn't sleep at all and he didn't sit still for more than half a second in a 15 hour period.

I had to wait to go to my vet until this morning because I live in a rural area. I didn't think he would ever be okay again. He literally lost his personality and mind, and ability to control his movements. Do not ever give this to your dogs or cats. It is a death wish. Sentry should not be allowed in stores. Hopefully my dog will still be alive tomorrow. The vet said at this point, "Some don't make it."

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