Put this on my cat at 4 pm, and by midnight he was shaking and acting very strange.in the morning I found him hiding in the closet, unable to move. He couldn't drink, couldn't go to the bathroom, and was too anxious to be in daylight. It was applied as always between his shoulder blades on the back of his neck, but unlike Frontline and Advantage, this brand left him severely sick. One emergency vet visit later, and I came to find that the vet hadn't even HEARD of such ingredients. I immediately washed it off my poor cat and he was purring while I did this (he never purrs when there is water involved). Almost instantly after he was a new cat. You know why? Because the product was BURNING him, literally. And apparently I'm not the only one, as many of you have had your animals left with chemical burns. Shame on this disgusting company.

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