I just had a conversation with one of the beauty insider on the phone. Not that she was not helping me to solve my problem with my account, she was very rude and unreasonable. She HUNG UP on me. I couldn't believe it that Sephora has this kind of customer service to a Rouge member who is struggling to her account. I contacted Sephora customer service roughly 2 months ago and till the third time I called in, they still said I need to wait for solution center to make time to contact me. My sister purchased stuffs through my account and she did not her packages. She contacted Sephora but got no response, so she disputed the charge.

Now that Sephora told me I have to pay whatever I owe in order to purchase online again. I have to pay what I didn't receive. And the beauty insider said it sounds reasonable. Really Sephora??? I am so pissed. This will go straight to bbb.org. TOO DISAPPOINTED!!! Spent thousands and thousand dollars at Sephora during the past few years. WILL NEVER buy from Sephora again. Bye!

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