I purchased a highly recommended HD foundation, eyebrow pencil, setting spray, and eyelash glue for an event. The foundation was atrocious (I've had better coverage from $7 drug store brands), the eye brow pencil was too dark, and the setting spray was alright (I only noticed a small improvement with shine). Needless to say I didn't use any of it for the event and returned the products well within the 30 days via USPS in the original box using the label provided.

It has been 42 days since I mailed the package and I still don't have my refund. 6 calls and 3 promises of a 24-48 processing time for the refund and nothing. I didn't even receive a confirmation email when they received and processed the return 10/23/2015. At one point I was told my refund was issued in the form of store credit because I had to specifically ask for it back on my card – which was a bold face lie. I have sent in email inquires that have not been responded to, and each time I call it takes 30 minute (most of which I'm on hold) for them to "look into it". I am furious with this experience and have spent hours collectively dealing with this joke of a company. A word of advice – buy your beauty products elsewhere.

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