A few weeks ago, I accidently paid two mortgage payments to Seterus. As soon as I realized my error, I called my bank. They said the money had already been sent so I had to retrieve the money from Seterus. I had a three way phone call from Seterus and my bank. Seterus said "no problem, the money will be in your account within five days." That time came and went, no returned monies. I have called each day since. I get a different story each time and am gradually realizing they aren't going to return this money.
I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I live month to month financially. I do not understand why Seterus can't put that money immediately back in your account. If I didn't pay them, I would be charge interest and late fees. This company is the worst of the worst!!! They are deceitful and dishonest, I can't believe they are still allowed to do business in this country. This is just the latest of many problems I have experienced since they have had my loan.

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