Seterus purchased my loan from CITI. They immediately started doing monthly home inspections and charging for them. Likely, they have a right to inspect the property per contract BUT not monthly and use losers to block you access & other passing vehicles. It clearly is just a form of intimidation and harassment. I have a 13 bankruptcy filed on the home under Federal Stay. They filed false proof of claim stating they paid Sheriff sale and auction fees. Obviously, this never happened as I live there & had there been a sale prior to bankruptcy, it wouldn't be able to be included in the bankruptcy stay.

They are so bold, they are even asking for proof of claim fees to file their claim in the court. Out of control and out of touch with the state & federal laws or just violating them, who knows the motivation of these idiots. I see a class action suit in the future so don't give up. Just wait for the fire to start and then throw your log on the fire. They will be sent back to the hole they crawled out of soon!

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