! I never wanted to lose weight. Only get better abs and NOT skip breakfast. I already had a routine and meals that I ate. I maintained the same weight for 5+ years. at 125 5'4" busty curvy W/E before Shakeology. In april 2015 I began to drink it.

I really can not believe I drank this for 6 months and even became a "coach". I had so many reactions that slowly crept up on me within that time. it made me very angry and hormonal as well as extremely tired and sick . Instead of a meal replacement they should call it what it really is, an Herbal Supplement with fillers. You ask why these coaches are so "aggressive", I will say it is the ingredients in the shake.
I was also one of those people that spent hundreds of Dollars and not only didn't lose but, gained 22lbs the heaviest i have ever been in my entire life!!! (Yes that's my fault and no one else's)

Initially I stopped drinking it due to the fact that I gained 22lbs in 6 months(MAYBE some muscle but i had to get some new pants) . I thought I was ill with something and that I had to go to a doctor. however after not drinking the shake. ALL of these symptoms went away. Including the weight gain.

1.hormonal disturbances in body and mind(including paralyzing monthly cycles) hot flashes I am 30 years old and strange rage)
2. ringing in the years
3. weight gain
5.digestive problems
6. Colds and Throat infections that lasted weeks each time
8.extreme fatigue
9.fast heart beating
10. extreme exaggerated bruising

Here is La Leche League's breakdown of Shakeology.

I believe what happened with me is that my blood glucose levels and blood pressure were too low as well as blood clotting issues.


This is how they get to you :

1. coaches act like they care about you, they even post it every other day with heartfelt posts and memes. How ever if you are not selling, posting sweaty pictures, or actively "kissing ass" they will just ignore you.

2. many contact you out of nowhere acting like they want to catch up. (I was trained as to how exactly do this in a "so called" smooth way) they are aggressive cheerleaders and i was trained to "follow" up in a week, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks after that for life until the person is "ready to commit" to your health.

3. The body shaming is so disgusting it makes me feel dysmorphic. (Example: a coach "motivating" others by showing a post pregnancy photo, and photo of her thin now and saying how disgusting she felt being fat and how feels great being thin)
(my coach happen to demonstrate extra amounts of narcissism, instead of motivation it felt like she was showing off or being arrogant. "get off your ass and work for it" tough love kinda thing. vomit-** I don't know if all coaches are like that.. )

4. if you don't drink the shakes or do the workouts you are not "committed to your health" and will hear about it in the support groups and get picked on for not posting pics (LOL Um maybe I am just going to ride my bike today and eat half a pizza BEOTCH)

5. OVERPRICED WORKOUTS 21 day fix is boring OMG and if that lady says "yea yea yea " one more time and says dumb comments between her workouts (Ohhh but I can mute it, yay" ( and PX 90 i'd rather ride my bike for an hour and a half sorry )
XHIT on Youtube has lots of workouts for FREE

One last thing.

people say "oh but this is working for me don't rain on my parade I'm my own business person"

but seriously why support an MLM? No matter how IT SEEMS like it's helping people.

I did not put alot of effort on making sales for BB. I could not bring myself to post 3 pictures of myself a day drinking water shakes working out my chubby arms etc. No way –

HOWEVER the coach above has been doing so for 3 years. I am so sure she puts in about 40 hours a week, and does she make a ton o cash??
Not at all. ohh but duh that's because it's not a pyramid scheme and you aren't going to "make money fast" LOL

How sad.
She did get super mad at me and even made a few youtube videos on how she's not a scammer(which i didn't say SHE WAs per say lol) and I felt like maybe I was wrong about it all, and that I was just NOT committed to my health!!! Reading this article and the comments has really helped out.

NOw, 4 months after not drinking it, I have only lost about 6 to 8 lbs however I am not stressing about it nor joining a "accountability" group about it. I love good food that's healthy and clean. I STILL drink smoothies! BUt I will NEVER add anything to my body again.
(I feel good. I don't feel sick like I am dying or super extremely tired at the end of the day as I did with shakeology)

I read somewhere on a FitForLife21dtf Blog that I may develop cancer and that I am insane for thinking that there is anything healthier out there thank shakeology but for those symptoms, I think i will take my chances!!!!

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