Sharon Govender
Suite 1417 Durdoc Centre
460 Anton Lemebede (Smith Street)
Since 2016 Sharon Govender was appointed in winding the late estate of my Grandfather. Due to her incompetence an delays on winding the estate. My grandmother the sole beneficiary of the estate was unable to sell her property. Unfortunately she (grandmother) had to continue to live at the premises struggle at her age 78. She lost her life 25th November 2018. This could have been prevented if the estate was sorted in the time frame Sharon had promised. Sharon has other motivates. Sharon was paid in full by my grandmother for the winding of the estate. Recently it’s been brought to my attention Sharon claims there is a large outstanding sum an is requesting for more funds to make a new title deed which has been in her possession since 2016. Since I have raised my concerns Sharon is unavailable to give direct answers. Upon contacting the office today 27th May 2020 her receptions rudely disconnects my calls an further goes on to blocking my number from calling in. Sharon did agree to comunicate with me in the winding of the estate since 2016 although I’m not the legal executor as I have assisted in the process. Since my raised concerns Sharon is avoiding direct communication with the executor an completely ignores my mails an calls. Apparently Sharon is off Sick but the kind of sick only provisions her to with her rude receptionist Nisha. She hasn’t returned a call to the executor nor does she answers the clients calls. The executor who is my mother has given direct instruction for Sharon to communication with me. Unfortunately Sharon fails to comply.

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