AVOID AT ALL COSTS – I signed up to Shaw Academy on 20th September which had a 30 day free trial expiring on October 18th. The terms and conditions stated that I would not be charged if I cancel before 18th October. I gave my credit card details as part of the course registration process – as it states that I would not be billed during my free trial and I took a screenshot of this.
The first time, and every time you log into your account you get bombarded about the ‘buy now with one click’ which pop up everywhere and notifications to buy the resource toolkit and certificates – neither which I need (it was a hobby beginners basic knitting class). You get hammered by texts, phone calls, emails all trying to sell their products and you feel extremely overwhelmed and pressured.
I cancelled my class on 2nd October, well within the 30 days.
I received my credit card statement yesterday and couldn’t believe that on 20th September (the day I signed up and my course had not even begun) I was billed for £49.99.
I contacted them via email asking for a full refund and the reply I was given was “I had purchased the Toolkit with 2 step confirmation page in my account where the amount to be charged was shown before confirming the payment. They then go on offering me more services and modules for no extra money – unbelievable!! ”. I certainly did not click anything and no invoice or confirmation email or nothing to say that I had purchased such a thing appeared. Surely, everything should be transparent in this day and age and this certainly isn’t.
I have since been having telephone conversations with their billing department who state that they cannot offer me a refund due to me clicking on the link – BUT they are unable to provide ANY evidence that I have – and as a gesture of goodwill they will delete all my credit card details so it can’t be used again!!! AND they are offering me a life time Diamond membership at no extra cost. I have declined their offer and have informed them I will be contacting everyone below as well as leaving reviews on a daily basis – please do the same. Now they are calling me to see if I am happy with the outcome and is there anything else they can do for me and to remind me that their offer is still open for a lifetime membership.
I have therefore filled out a disputes form with my credit card who will be dealing with this and I will be in touch with Trading Standards Institute, Advertising Stands Authority and Action Fraud UK about this company as well as putting this review on every day (and other sites) until I get my refund.
Please, please do not sign up to anything with this company – it nothing but heartache and not worth the stress.

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